During the course of his decades of research into Paleoindian archaeology, C. Vance Haynes amassed a remarkable collection of acrylic casts of Paleoindian artifacts. This collection is one of the largest (~1000 pieces) and most comprehensive sets of its kind in North America. It includes casts of key projectile point styles and assemblages as well as other lithic and non-lithic artifacts from well-known (as well as unreported) sites throughout the continent. In the Fall of 2002, Dr. Haynes donated this important collection to AARF. From then through 2003, UA graduate students Kanani Paraso, Jesse Ballenger, James Mayer, and Edmund Gaines inventoried and organized the collection. The result is a database available to other researchers. The database currently catalogues more than 800 casts from North and South America and includes information on provenience, artifact type, and complex. It also includes comments by C. Vance Haynes and reference information. The casts, displayed in Riker mounts, are housed in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Arizona and are available to other researchers.

C. Vance Haynes Paleoindian Cast Collection


Examples of casts of classic Paleoindian projectile points in the Haynes Cast Collection from key sites on the Great Plains: a, b) Clovis points from the Clovis site (Blackwater Draw No. 1) in New Mexico; cast (b) is one of the "type" Clovis points; ; c,d) Folsom points, also from the Clovis site; e) an Alberta point from the
Hudson-Meng site, Nebraska; f) a Cody/Firstview point from the Clovis site; g) a Plainview point from the Plainview site, Texas; h) a Hell Gap point from the Hell Gap site, Wyoming.  These points are color matched, except for g.


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